Welcome To Le Mont Saint-Michel

Le Mont Saint-Michel There is a place other than eiffel tower that you can visit every time you go to France. Le Mont Saint-Michel is a commune island that located in Normandy, France. This is an island that can make you feel like you really want to visit again every time you come to France. France always give you a wonderful place that make you don’t want to leave that country. There is a lot of places that you need to visit. And visit France just for a week is not enough for you. Le Mont Saint-Michel is one example of places that you need to visit when you come to this country. There is a lot of people who visit this little island just to spend their summer holiday. There is a big castle that you can find in the middle of the island. Not many people who live in this island. There is only 50 people who live in this island since this is a small island. But it still fun for tourist to visit this island during summer holiday. If you think that you want to have a different experience of visiting France, then you should go to Le Mont Saint-Michel. This island already include inside UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Many people would like to visit Le Mont Saint-Michel if they think that they already feel bored with eiffel tower. France is known as a romantic country because of the eiffel tower that become an icon of this country. And sometimes the reason why people want to visit France is because they want to visit eiffel tower and they want to have a romantic experience. But when they come and visit Le Mont Saint-Michel, they will feel another experience that way more different than eiffel tower.

Arles Amphitheatre

Arles Amphitheatre Do you know about Colosseum? It is an amphitheatre that located in Italy. It is already being used by the old roman who live in Italy. But do you know that France also have one amphitheatre that also being used by old roman who used to live in France. Arles Amphitheatre is France’s amphitheatre. It is located in the southern French town of Arles. Arles Amphitheatre become the most prominent place that become a great attraction for tourist who visit France at that time. Arles Amphitheatre was built in 90 AD. This amphitheatre is suitable for 20.000 spectators who come and watch the show that held in the amphitheatre at that time. There is a lot of entertainment that held in that amphitheatre. And at that time, the entertainment was a chariot races and bloody hand to hand battles. This amphitheatre also being used to watch a bullfighting, and for these days, the amphitheatre is being used for a music concerts that always being held during summer holiday. In 5th century, Arles Amphitheatre become a shelter for all of the population in France during the fall of the Empire. Arles Amphitheatre also become a fortress that has four towers. This amphitheatre become a small town that has more than 200 houses. There are also a public square that has two chapels that located in the centre of the building and at the base of the west tower. The amphitheatre become a small town until 18th century. But in 1825, it is change into a historical monument in France. Then it is become an amphitheatre until now. Arles Amphitheatre is include in UNESCO World Heritage Site along with another roman buildings that exist in the city. A lot of people will visit Arles Amphitheatre during summer to enjoy the music festival that held in that place.
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